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Services and Facilities > Student Support Services

Special Needs Programs at Macclesfield



At Macclesfield Primary School we support students with

  • identified special needs
  • identified learning needs and
  • short term learning needs as assessed by school staff.

Our trained SSO’s have access to the following programs/activities to use with the students in 1:1 or small group situations:

  • Fast Track Literacy Remediation; using the SRA Readers
  • Phonics First, Word Workers and Reading Freedom books
  • various speech programs;                              

-      Levels of Questioning

-      Auditory Processing/Listening Skills

-      Sequencing

-      Reading Comprehension

-      Problem Solving/Thinking Skills etc.

  • Co-ordination program (fine and gross )
  • Michael Ymer Math activities
  • improving handwriting
  • Sensory integration tools/toys.

During the year the staff continually assess students in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy and children requiring extra support for specific skills are provided with short term learning goals in their One Plans.