Materials & Services Charges

Each year Macclesfield Primary School receives funding from various sources including:

  • South Australian Government to cover Salaries, Utilities and Maintenance and as Grants 
  • Material and Services Charges (Parent Contributions) which currently is $280.00 for 2023 (Eligible families will get a rebate of $100.00 for this year's charges, supplied through the State's Government)
    At Macclesfield Primary School our parents support the school by the payment each year of Materials and Services Charges set by the School Governing Council.

These monies are used to support the school curriculum. Your prompt payment of these fees ensures that students have access to all their curriculum needs.

Method of Payment

Macclesfield Primary School can accept payment by:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Credit Card (VISA / Mastercard)
  • EFT School Bank Account

Difficulty in Payment

Any parent having difficulty in making payment prior to the due date, may be eligible for the School Card Scheme or an Instalment Plan to help in meeting this commitment. Please contact our Finance Office for assistance in this matter.

School Card Scheme

School Card financial assistance is available for dependent students from four years of age who are receiving full-time schooling. The scheme is administered by the Department for Education to provide financial assistance towards educational expenses.

Applications must be submitted through the school. It is a requirement that the cardholder's Centrelink Customer Reference Number is included on application/declaration forms. This number is located on the primary Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card.

Please note: School Card must be applied for every year.

Parents wishing to apply for School Card allowance are asked to bring in their card before the end of March each year. 

If you have any queries, please contact our Finance Officer on 8388 9338