Daily Routine and Lesson Times

DAILY ROUTINE AND LESSON TIMES                        


Punctuality is a desirable habit to instill in children.  Please help them to be on time for school without being hurried and flustered.  They should arrive at school between approximately eight thirty and eight forty five The office is open from 8.30am to enable money, consent forms and banking to be received.


8:30am - Money and consent forms to the office
8:50am - Classrooms open and lessons commence
8.55am - Lesson 1
9:50am - Lesson 2
10:40am - Lesson 3
11:30am - Lunch Play
12:10pm - Lunch Eating
12:20pm - Lesson 4
1:10pm - Lesson 5
2:00pm - Recess Play
2:20pm - Recess Eating
2:25pm - Lesson 6 
3:15pm - Dismissal