Get to know Macclesfield Primary School

2021 Classes

Macclesfield Primary School currently has 56 students housed in 3 classes:

Reception /Years1/2 – Mel Paterakis

The R/1/2 class is in the Early Learning Centre or ELC.

The ELC has two classrooms that can be opened up into one large room. There is a large, open play area at the side of the two rooms. This area contains a wet area, 10 curriculum computers and a range of activity gear.

Some of the students from the Year 2/3/4 class also use some of this space for Literacy and Numeracy in the mornings.

Year 3/4/5 – Meg Ryan

Their classroom is located at the top of the school in a transportable building with easy access to the large bush block in which many of their environmental activities are undertaken.

Year 5/6/7 – Fiona Kent

The Year 5/6/7 class is housed in the main building alongside the Library and computer suite (RBLC) giving the children easy access to the school’s ICT facilities and resource books.