Diary Dates

This section will give you an overview of important dates and times for projects and events happening in and around Macclesfield Primary School.

It's an easy reference point to ensure you don't miss important activities or deadlines.

November 2019

Event Date Time Important Information
Scholastic Book Fair begins 13-11-2019 Our Book fair will be open for viewing and purchases at lunchtimes and after school until 3.45pm
Photographic Workshop Sessions 14-11-2019
SAKG - Kitchen Class 15-11-2019
Newsletter Yr 5/6/7 15-11-2019
Kindy Transition - 3rd visit 20-11-2019
Instrumental Music Concert 21-11-2019 Afternoon
SAKG - Kitchen Class 22-11-2019
Assembly R/1 22-11-2019
Finance Meeting 26-11-2019
Kindy Transition - 4th visit 27-11-2019
Year 6 Graduation at Aston Hills Golf Club 27-11-2019 6.00pm start
Year 7 transition day 28-11-2019
SAKG - Kitchen Class 29-11-2019
Newsletter Yr 2/3/4 29-11-2019

December 2019

Event Date Time Important Information
SAKG Gardening - all classes 02-12-2019
Governing Council Dinner 03-12-2019
Governing Council Meeting 03-12-2019
Kindy Transition - 5th visit 04-12-2019
Year 7 graduation at Aston Hills Golf Club 04-12-2019
Christmas SMG Seminar 05-12-2019
Mt Barker Christmas Pageant 06-12-2019
Assembly 2/3/4 06-12-2019
CFS 80 Years Celebration 08-12-2019
Reports to go home 09-12-2019
Year 5/6/7 Class Party 11-12-2019
Parent Club Family Tea 12-12-2019 From 5.30pm All families to bring a plate to share.
Last Day of the School Year 13-12-2019 Please note the earlier pickup time of 2.10pm.
Newsletter 13-12-2019